Friday, April 26

A WINDOW TO THE WORLD: Developing communities through art & Culture using Technology



In a world that seems to be more and more confused and conflicted, and a news cycle dominated by stories of greed, brutality and fear, the METIPSO PORTAL reminds us about what is important and reminds us of the power of inspiration.

The Portal is an arts based initiative that focuses on three pillars, CONNECT both urban and remote peoples around the world, SHARE with each other their arts, culture and stories, then CREATE new work together to share with the world.
*Environmental sustainability is kept in mind in all pillars
The METIPSO PORTAL is a never before possible partnering, learning and inspiration portal between the tiny village of Metipso (on the edge of Chemususu Protected Forest) and the quickly expanding Metipso Portal International community, based primarily in Ontario, Canada . The Metipso Portal is housed in a traditional Kalenjin mud hut and broadcasts using a SAFARICOM connection from a microwave antennae perched a top a steel tower built in the village and hoisted into place June 2017. Mixing traditional culture (the mud hut) with emerging technology (the microwave tower) is a core concept of the PORTAL community.

The portal offers access to free wi-fi, as well as training, mentoring, elder to elder connections across continents, environmental alliances and the chance for filmmakers, artists, actors and dreamers to connect and create together from across the world.
Here is a video outlining our work.

If you are interested please contact us.